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     e-Surety accepts mosts electronic items free of charge. Other items, such as televisions and computer monitors, often contain hazardous and sometimes toxic materials like lead and mercury. For these dangerous items, e-Surety charges a small fee to have these electronics destroyed carefully and responsibly, keeping all dangerous chemicals out of landfills.

 • Desktops / PCs 
 • Laptops
 • Keyboards / Mice
 • Routers / Modems
 • Printers / Scanners
 • Cell Phones / Home Phones
 • Radios / Stereos / Speakers
 • DVD / CD Players
 • Portable Media Players / MP3 Players
 • Electrical / Communication Cords

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 • Computer Monitors    
 • Televisions

To ensure complete protection of our customers' data, we offer total hard drive destruction for $5.00.

Click Here to learn more about hard drive destruction.