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 • e-Surety can ensure proper disposal of all electronic material and eliminate the risk of identity theft and other sensitive data. 

 • In the last three decades, electronics have become one of the most prominent industries the world has ever known, and its influence upon our daily lives is incredible. By allowing the reuse of the materials captured through the electronic recycling process, many materials can be reused for new and improved devices.

 • e-Surety is a company that takes great pride in helping the environment for today and for years to come. By recycling with us, customers contribute to making our planet greener and cleaner. Nearly all electronics contain hazardous material that when not properly recycled, prove significantly detrimental to our environment.

 • Within the last five years there has been increased awareness about our environment. One of the best ways to participate in this green movement is to recycle all electronic material. By doing this, we can set a future precedent to continue to increase not only awareness but ways to effectively live cleaner.

 • Customers who choose to recycle with e-Surety make a responsible and selfless decision to help preserve our environment and planet for generations to come.

  • Please give us a call today to learn more about the quality services e-Surety can provide your family or small business.